Neve 5316 30 inputs 8 buss 16 monitor

Joesphson C716 cardiod large diaphragm
 M49 RMS remake of Neumann m49 multi pattern large diaphram
U47 tube Telefunken multi pattern large diaphram

M269C Neumann tube multi pattern like u67 with different tube
AKG C12vr tube c12 reissue

B & K 4006 omnis pair

Lomos 1919 large diaphram tube mics (pair)

Rode NT 2000 condenser large diaphragm
Rca bx 44 ribbon

Rca dx 77 ribbon

Rca d 77 ribbon

Beyer M160’s ribbon pair
Coles 4038 ribbon
Schoeps cardiod pair small diaphragm
254 Neuman tube small diaphragm
Neumann Km84’s pair small diaphragm
AKG 460/ck1 capsule small diaphragm
AKG D112
Audio Technica ATM 25 x 3

Sennheiser 441 pair

Sennheiser 421 pair

Sennheiser 504 and 604 tom mics (4)
Audix D6
Shure 57’s (3)
Mic Pre’s:
Hardy (4) m1 solid state

Avalon (4) m2 solid state

Avalon 737 sp (2) Tube pre compressor and EQ channel strip
Purple audio biz (3)

Purple Pants (2)

JLM dual 99v (6) solid state
ATC active 20s

Pro ac tablette 2000 s (studio)
Amp Bryston 2LP
Cue stations (6 individual) built on Mackie 1404’s
Effects: and Outboard:
Bricasti model 7 reverb
Tube Tech cl1b comp
Teletronics la 3a’s pair
At technologies pair tube comps 
Purple tav (4)

Avalon 2044 eq

Tube tech single channel eq 1a
Bricasti M7 reverb version 2
lexicon 480 l

Lexicon mpx 1

Altiverb 7
Pro tools HDX 10
Mac*8 Core w 10gigs ram Pro tools 12 hdx 2
HD 1/O’s 32 channels in and out analog
 Steinway B 1940
Hammond a100 with leslie 147 rebuilt pre amp and leslie amp (2012) di out
Fender Rhodes mark 1 73
Drums: Sonor phonic rosewood jazz set 18” bass drum 12” and 14”toms 16"toms Sonor phonic “22 bass drum Gretch jazz set 18”bass drum 12” tom and 14” floor tom sizes radio king snare 4 cymbal stands (one is boom) dw hi hat stand pearl bass drum pedal
Vibes Musser 55 pro vibe
Guitar amp
 Fender concert (1-12” ) tube amp
Fender Princeton reverb 1966 original  w C10ns speaker
Various Percussion: Tamborim
 egg shaker Double shaker
Misc bells  3 cow bells two small one large african bells (double)

Wood Rainstick
, Wood Block, 2 triangles, gong (flat wuhan),
Main room with movable goboes 19 x 16 x 9’ ceilings
Drumbooth:8’ x9’
Vocal booth 5’x6’
Control room 14 x 9
Amp closet 3’x 3’ x 9’
Entryway booth